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Your Comfort and Personal Safety are vitally important to us - Please take time to read the following

Clothing – Several layers of clothing to cope with different conditions are better than one thick heavy layer.  Conditions at altitude are almost always much cooler and windier than at a lower level. The layering principle of outdoor clothing allows you to cope with widely differing conditions by adding or removing layers as required.  Pay particular attention to the base layer because this must wick moisture away from the body without causing too much heat loss.  Thermal fabrics are much better than cotton in this respect. Fleece makes a good choice for an intermediate layer. 

Footwear – Your footwear should be of good quality, good fitting comfortable boots, preferably waterproof, and give good ankle support. They are probably the most important part of your kit. Take advice from a good specialist retailer. Trainers are NOT suitable for the mountains!!!.
Ask to have your feet measured and take your favourite hunting socks with you to the shop or ask the retailer to recommend suitable socks before trying the boots on.

Rucksack – This does not have to be particularly large just well fitting. It will need to contain just spare socks, upper body clothing layers, a water bottle and space for your packed lunch and whatever you personally deem necessary.

Miscellaneous – You may wish also to bring a "hiking pole" or something of that ilk .............useful not just for steadying your gait but also for checking the terrain underfoot. (you will invariably end up having to cross a "bog" or two often with waist high reeds during your hunt).

Remember..........wash your hunting clothes with a pure soap solution. Modern washing powders contain UV enhancer's, a big no no for hunting clothes as deer also see in the UV range so despite your superb camouflage clothing, deer will spot you immediately.

The above is for guidance only..............should you wish to add more items please feel free to do so but remember - you will be the one carrying it!