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Fallow deer are found throughout Ireland, they tend to be hardwood dwellers, and are found mostly in oak woodlands and on open hillside, they are the hardest of the  Irish deer to hunt being very elusive and cunning, it takes a good sportsman to hunt these fine animals.

They were introduced to Ireland around 150 years ago into large private estates and have escaped over time, establishing themselves in pockets across Ireland. They rut in mid October through to the end of November. A good mature fallow weighs up to 175 pounds, and the pelage ranges from cream to almost black. The doe usually calves in mid May, and generally have single calves although they have been known to have twins. The midlands and the south west of Ireland offer the best trophy bucks. We also have access to excellent fallow hunting in south west England, where we have taken many world class trophies

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hunting fallow bucks with celtic field sports