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At Celtic Field Sports we can custom fit your hunting package to any destination in the world.  On this page are some  of the hunting  packages that we have available.  If you are interested in other species don't hesitate to ask.  We have been customizing hunts to fit the hunters' needs for over 18 years.  Elk, Moose, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Caribou, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Coyote, and Wolf are just some of the species we hunt. We also have hunts available in Argentina, Africa, New Zealand, and many other destinations world wide.

Ireland Hunts

E-mail us for further infomation
on available packages - we can tailor them for your individual requirements

Canadian Hunts

5 days of Black bear hunting [1 bear ] & unlimited fishing  in New Brunswick, Canada.  Meals, accomodation, hunting permit, and guide are included.  Price: 1950 Euro per gun. We fly into Portland Maine. From there  we drive 5 hours north into the Canadian wilderness. The season for Spring bear is May 1 - June 30.  Airfare not included. 

5 days of Whitetail deer and Black bear combo, allowing 1 Whitetail buck and 1 Black bear.  All meals, accomodation, guide, hunting permits are included. Location is New Brunswick Canada.  Price: 2500 Euro.  Airfare not included.

5 days of Caribou hunting allowing 2 Caribou bulls.  Meals, accomodations, guide, and hunting license all inclusive.  Price 2500 Euro.  Airfare not included.



5 nights, 4 days of geese and quail & partridge shooting.  We hunt geese in the morning time, and upland game birds in the afternoon. All meals, accomodation, airport transfers, guide, and hunting licence are inclusive.  Bring your own gun or we can supply you with a gun on arrival.  Not included are cartridges and airfare.  Price: 1750 Euro per gun.  Minimum 3 guns, maximum 10 guns.  Nov 8 - Jan 30  Location:  Texas, USA.

5 nights, 4 days of wild boar hunting  and goose shooting.  We will do 2 days of boar hunting and 2 days of goose shooting.  Limit 2 boars each.  Daily limit on geese is 25 total mixed: snows, ross, blues, 3 canadians and 2 speckle bellies per gun.  Food, accomodation, hunting licences, airport transfers, and fantastic hunting for 2,200 Euro per gun.  Minimum 3 guns, maximum 10 guns.  Nov 8 - Dec 20  Location:  Texas, USA.  Airfare not included.

5 nights, 4 days of wild boar hunting only.  Allowing 2 trophy boars per gun.  Meals, license, airport transfers, guide all inclusive.  Minimum 3 guns.  Hunting Season is all year.  Price:  1975 Euro.   Airfare not included.