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Our other worldwide destinations include, Scotland, England, New Zealand, Africa, Argentina, Poland, Canada and North America. These places are some of our other destinations that you will find world class hunting and fishing in as well.


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About Us

Hello, I am David Moore your Celtic Field Sports guide to a great hunt!  

I personally want to thank you for looking through our website. Our easy to use website will show you what type of hunts we have and specialize in. Be prepared to have the time of your life!!

What we offer

Celtic Field Sports has some of the top world class hunting and fishing destinations for our clients. Our home base hunting lodge is one hour south of Dublin airport in Ireland. We have many other fabulous hunting and fishing destinations across Ireland to choose from. There are grand castles, beautiful estate manor houses, and small cottages; great hunting places to stay for every taste and budget.
Ireland is not only known for it's great deer hunting and fishing but also has world class fox hunting with horses and hounds which we also offer. Ireland's beautiful countryside and warm friendly people make this country a safe and pleasant place to bring your family and friends for a trip of a life time.