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muntjac in velvetListen to Muntjac barking.


In England, they escaped in the 1920’s from the Woburn Estate in Bedfordshire and have spread ever since (current estimates are 100,000 expanding at 10% per year – though that is probably an underestimate). They can be a frustrating quarry, seldom remaining still for a for more than a second or two, but a creature that over the last 20 years has been recognised by stalkers as a truly worthy and respected quarry.

There is no close season, the female on giving birth (after the gestation period  of 7 months), will probably be pregnant yet again within 48 hours after birth. The new born fawn that is by her side will be sexually active by the time it is 8 months old…… A potential breeding machine, however predation whether it be by foxes, humans or natural events do take there toll.

Some of our gallery images including 2014.

reeves muntjac celtic field sports muntjac result of testicular damage celtic field sports munjac buck muntjac buck
young muntjac buck celtic field  sports muntjac image muntjac nice muntjac buck celtic field sports 2011
20-06-2012 muntjac in velvet mutjac showing glands alde muntjac 25-05-2012 muntjac buck