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The Roe Deer is one of the native deer in the UK which you will find spread widely across most of the British Isles. Roe Deer have existed in the UK since the Ice Age and the numbers have grown to record levels since the introduction of Deer Management Program back in 1963. The Roe Buck Season runs from April 1st to Oct 31st. The Rut is from end of July to mid August. The rut is earlier than most other species in the UK but the Fawns are born at the same time as the other species in the UK. Hunters use to think that this meant that the Roedeer had a longer gestation period, but roe deer have delayed implantation (usually around 6 weeks) before the egg is fertilized. The best quality Roe Bucks are to be found in the South West of England, this is because of the mild Climate. In these conditions, all the ideal food of the Roe Buck is readily available in rolling pastures and woodlands.

The Roe Buck grows to a quality size in a very short time enabling us to provide Gold medal standard heads for our Hunters year after year. Though this deer is one of the medium size deer in the countryside it can easily match all the other deer as it has the ability to appear from nowhere and quickly disappear again.

Take your eye off an intended beast and surely it will disappear like a ghost in the night.
This gentle looking deer has a magical side to its behavior that has tested our hunters in europe for centuries and they return year after year to experience the Roe Buck Stalking. This is a hunting bug that once caught YOU ARE WELL AND TRULY HOOKED.

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roe buck heads celtic field sports roe buck sculls roe heads roe buck heads
roe roe buck celtic field sports roe buck skulls